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Research Findings & Reports

Community Surveys

The community survey is administered online via Qualtrics to African American parents who receive or applied to receive TANF, Head Start, or Child Care assistance. The survey asks parents to share demographic and family characteristics, ACF program participation, challenges with various social determinants of health (i.e., healthcare, childcare, medication, transportation, housing, employment, bills), and recommendations to improve these programs. The goal of the survey is to identify needs, barriers and facilitators to utilization of ACF services by African American populations.

Community Survey Dashboard

Data visualizations and dashboards will be used to understand spatial outliers and identify where there is a discrepancy between program participation and community need. It will include the overall county and state summaries of survey findings.

Community Listening Sessions

Identified through the community survey or selected by community-based organizations/partners, African American parents/caregivers who participate or applied for TANF, Head Start, or Child Care assistance in selected states will share their program experiences with Center researchers. Topics include community-level resources, geographic location/residential factors, economic mobility, health & family wellness, education & school readiness, and engagement and community perceptions.

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